• A B2B Sales Process that Actually Works

    We hired a lot of agencies for "getting our sales done" at VIPERdev. They all failed.

    So we developed our own sales framework for products which need explanation.

    After years of trial and error, spending a six digit amount of euros on such agencies and experiments it started working.

    Are you ready for some new clients? We'll refund you if you don't get them.

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Conversion Rates >90%

By making your offer crystal clear and communicating it properly with your customers, you will get a lot more customers per incoming lead - and weed out non customers a lot faster.

This is key especially with products which aren't super easy to understand.

Automate All Mails

Full service agencies don't understand that we startups don't have the resources to waste on followups.

Our process and tool selection allows you to fully automate followups, partly automate all meeting documentation.

This saves you money and enables you to hire and onboard sales people faster.

Customers Sign Predictably

Our process has mechanisms in place that help you not only sign more customers but also sign them faster and plannable.


This is how we build your sales process in 8 weeks:

1. Define USP, Personas, value proposition

2. Create minimum viable sales material based off our templates

3. Create outbound campaign based off our templates

4. Automate the process

5. Onboard Salespeople and Grow

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