• A B2B Sales Process that Actually Works

    We hired a lot of agencies for "getting our sales done" at VIPERdev. They all failed.

    So we developed our own sales framework for products which need explanation.

    After years of trial and error, spending a six digit amount of euros on such agencies and experiments it started working.

    Are you ready for some new clients? We'll refund you if you don't get them.

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What you should bring:

A Product or Service that Solves Actual Problems

Selling something works only if people need it. We will and cannot make people want your product if they don't need it.

Don't have your product yet? We can build it in 8-10 weeks.

Solve a Big Problem

Our process is optimal for building a scalable but personal sales process. If your average customer value is higher than 1000eur, you should be good to go.

This process will work best, if your customers are really, really happy.

Be willing to put in the time - and react fast

You (the founder!) will need to put in around 5 hours per week to make this work, sometimes more. To succeed here, you need to act fast generally. We will give you recommendations on your choices along the way.

This is business development work and no hired sales rep or agency can solve this for you.

This is how we build your sales process in 8 weeks:

1. Define USP, Personas, value proposition

This is the basis of everything. The better we understand your customers (and non customers!) and your product, the better we can communicate it.

2. Create minimum viable sales material based off our templates

Recognize something? Yes! This is how we build products as well and it helps people get to market way faster than with traditional means.

3. Create video material and testimonials

Using our methods, tools and agendas you will have video material online within a week or less.

4. Iterate sales material based off our 2nd stage templates

Based on the previous learnings and now available video material, we update your mail templates, agendas and landing page.

5. Create outreach campaign based off our templates

Obviously you will need leads to fill your funnel. There are many options here which we've tried and not only know well, but also have highly automated setups that you can copy in a jiffy.

6. Get Listed Everywhere and Journalist Outreach

We will take care of getting your startup listed in many places around the internet as well as reaching out to journalists nationally or internationally to your convenience.

7. Automate mails and process

Finally, you will want to make sure that all of your processes are at least semiautomated and follow ups are fully automated. This is the basis for hiring salespeople and growing fast.

We've cooperated with leading consultants for the tools we use and they agree that our level of automation goes beyond what any of their customers do. For you, this means a lot more customers per time spent.

8. Hire and Onboard Salespeople

Using our onboarding documentation, you can hire salespeople and onboard them to the tooling we've set up together. Nothing can stop you now.

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